Hicks Plumbing Technologies

I am an owner operator of my business. My career began as a young adult in Union Local 398 for ten years, but even before that time when I was a teenager, I worked doing side jobs with my older brothers who were piping tradesmen with years of experience in the union. I started my business with the goal in mind to provide perfect service. Twenty-three years later my goal is the same. I take my work very seriously and take great pride in performing my duties. The plain truth is what you'll always get, never an exaggeration in order to pad the cost. My costs are based on time and material and expenses and a small profit margin. You'll never be gouged, you'll only pay actual costs for actual work. I charge an initial cost of $55.00 for coming out to your place for new customers only. This charge, however, is discounted from your invoice on that initial visit for work completed. Yes, I do warranty my work. I make a determined effort, however, to get it right the first time. Coming back on warranty means I just lost half my profit if not more. I do use sub-contractors as needed for work related to the job but not plumbing necessarily. Our focus today, even though we still do occasional commercial and residential remodel work is Service and Repair, and All Things Sewer and Drain. We are always open to residential remodel work our favorite but Service and Repair to homeowners are our main focus today. I consider myself fortunate to have worked in many different environments (residential construction, commercial construction, industrial construction, co-generation power plants, oil refineries, food processing plants, hospitals and service and repair in all of these area's). These experiences allow us the honor to call ourselves "Plumbers" not 'Technicians' as many companies do these days. We Are Plumbers! Plumbing Craftsmen to be exact. Let us proudly show you what we can do. And by the way, we never venture into what we are not 'Qualified' to do.